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Hunting in Ihram
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1 If a Muhrim killed a prey and then sold it while in Ihram; or bought it from a Muhrim or a non-Muhrim; what is the ruling? 479
2 What is the penalty if two Muhrims joined to kill a prey? 462
3 A non-Muhrim hunted and killed a prey. Can the Muhrim eat from it? 433
4 Can a Muhrim slaughter that which people usually slaughter to eat? 457
5 If a Muhrim slaughtered a prey, may a non-Muhrim eat from it? 437
6 What do you say about a dove with striped hindquarters or a tame deer? 467
7 If the Muhrim is forced to eat the flesh of prey and kills it for that purpose, is there still a penalty upon him? 470
8 What is the penalty for killing mosquitoes, fleas and apes? 486
9 Are there any animals or birds the Muhrim is allowed to kill? 453
10 Is there a penalty if the beast attacked the Muhrim who then killed it? 426
11 What is the ruling of killing a beast whose flesh is not eaten? 406
12 What is the penalty for killing lice or locusts? 401
13 If he breaks the egg of a prey? 405
14 What is the ruling if he plucked the feathers of a bird or cut the legs of an animal? 370
15 What is the ruling if the Muhrim wounds the prey, plucks its hair or cuts a limb? 406
16 Does Imaam Muhammed RAH. bin al-Hasan have a different view? 438
17 What is the penalty? 461
18 Is there a penalty of a Muhrim of Hajj or ‘umrah kills a prey? 408