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1 When the Hady is slaughtered, is it sufficient for his release from Ihram or must he first shave or clip his hair? 833
2 Is the Muhsar prevented from either wuquf of 'Arafat or Tawafuz Ziyarah? 880
3 A man entered Ihram and reached Makkah. He was prevented from wuquf at 'Arafat and Tawafuz Ziyarah. Is he classified as Muhsar? A: Yes he is. 612
4 A Muhrim was prevented from Hajj. He sent someone to slaughter on his behalf, and then the prevention terminated. What should he do? 674
5 If a Qarin has been prevented, what must he do after release from Ihram? 770
6 After the prevented one [Muhsarl from Hajj has been released from Ihram does any other obligation remain? 804
7 What can one intending ‘Umrah slaughter when he has been prevented? 820
8 Can the Damm of Ihsar be made before the Day of Nahr? 791
9 Why must the sheep be sent to the Haram? Can he not slaughter wherever he is? 817
10 What should he do if he is Qarin? 797
11 How does he do that? 741
12 What should a Muhrim do in the case of Ihsar? 884

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