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1 Is it wajib to give the goods first, or is it wajib upon the buyer to pay first? 806
2 The Dirham or Dinar were many and needed to be weighed. Who bears the fees of the weighing? 744
3 The buyer offered Dirham/Dinar. The seller needed other currency and had it changed. who bears the exchange fee? 699
4 Something was sold by weight or measured dimensions. It was so much that a measurer/scale had to be hired. Who bears the hiring fees? 730
5 Is the sale of wheat in its sheathe and beans in its pods permissible? 749
6 If the fruit was on the tree and was sold except for a specified Ritl [weight], what is the ruling? 696
7 What is the ruling if a condition of leaving the fruit on the tree was made? 660
8 Is it permissible to buy unripe fruit which is still on the tree? 730
9 Someone sold a date-tree or other fruit-tree. Who owns the fruit? 635
10 What is the ruling if the land with crops was sold, but the crops were not mentioned? 689
11 What do you say about the sale of a land which has trees on it? 569
12 A man sold a house and did not mention anything else. What else is included in the term "House"? 589
13 A seller says, "l am selling you this bundle of 10 cloths for 100 Dirham. Each cloth is 10 Dirham." What is the ruling if they are more or less than 10? 541
14 What do you say if the seller had to say, "I am selling you this which is 100 arm-spans for 100 Dirham, each arm-span for a Dirham," and the item turns out to be more than that or less? 487
15 If he finds it to be more then what the seller claimed? 585
16 A man bought a 10 arm-span cloth for 10 Dirham; or he bought a 100 arm-span land for 100 Dirham. He then found the cloth or the land to be less than what the seller claimed. What is the ruling? 500
17 What is the ruling if he found it to be more then 100 Qafiz? 608
18 What do you say about someone who sold a basket of 100 Qafiz of food for 100 Dirham, the buyer then discovers that it is less then 100 Qafiz? 539
19 What did Imaam Abu Hanifa RAH. say about selling cloth for a Dirham per arm span and the total length had not been mentioned? 557
20 What is the ruling of Imaam Abu Hanfia RAH. if someone sold a flock of sheep and said, "A Dirham per sheep.”? 561
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