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1 The party with khiyarush Shart died before confirming the sale and before the period elapsed. Do his heirs inherit the right? 828
2 What can the buyer do if the seller sold him a slave claiming him to be a baker or scribe and he was not? 818
3 Is it necessary to rescind or confirm the sale in the presence of the other party? 803
4 What is the benefit of khiyarush Shart to the owner there of? 792
5 The buyer has khiyarush shart and has the goods. A defect develops. What is the ruling? 807
6 The buyer assumed khiyarush shart and took possession of the goods. It perishes in his hands. Who is liable in this case? 705
7 Does the ownership remain with the seller if the buyer maintains the right of withdrawal? 738
8 Two men conducted a sale. The seller maintained the right of withdrawal for himself. The buyer took the goods which were then destroyed in his possession within the period of the right. What is the ruling? 662
9 Is there a limitation to it? 787
10 What is the ruling of right of withdrawal[khiyarush Shart] for the buyer and the seller? 799

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