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1 A seller who had right of sight dies. What happens to his right? 837
2 A man saw an item and bought it after some time has elapsed. Does his right of sight remain? 732
3 A man bought two robes in one sale. Can he return both if then sees one? 681
4 A man sold someone else's possession, without his authorisation. What is the ruling? 788
5 A blind man wishes to buy land. How will he recognise it? 700
6 How can he see when he is blind? 654
7 What is the ruling if a blind man buys or sells? 691
8 Is it deemed a sighting if he saw the courtyard of a house and did not see the rooms? 709
9 The buyer saw the outside of a basket, the outside of a folded cloth, the face of a slave-girl or the face of an animal and took it. Is his right void? 542
10 What do you say about a seller who did not see his goods? 691
11 Is there a time limitation for this right? 629
12 A man bought goods he did not see. Is the sale valid? 612

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