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1 A man bought a slave. The seller said, "I am absolved of all defects." The buyer then finds a defect. Can he return the defective good? 616
2 A man sold a slave and then the buyer resold it. The second buyer returned him to the first buyer because of a defect. May he return the slave to the first seller? 451
3 If the buyer killed the slave or he bought food and ate it. 586
4 What do you say about a man who bought a slave and freed him or the slave died, he then learns of a defect that was in the hands of the seller? 424
5 A man bought a cloth and cut it, stitched it or dyed it. Or he bought cereal and mixed it in butter. He then discovered a defect which existed in the hands of the seller. What is the ruling? 485
6 Returning Eggs that have Rotted 459
7 A defect occurred in the possession of the buyer then he learns of a defect which already existed in the hands of the seller. What can he do? 457
8 Give some examples of defects which permit a return of the goods by the buyer. 569
9 What is deemed a defect in these Masail? 638
10 Can the buyer not keep it and reduce the price as per the defect? 597
11 A man bought an item and then discovered a defect which existed when in the hands of the seller. Can he return it? 535

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