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The ruling of Fasid transactions and its examples
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1 The buyer made a profit in selling the goods as above. What is the status of the profit? 615
2 They did not cancel the Fasid transaction. In fact, the buyer sold the goods to a third party does the new sale take effect? 409
3 What is the ruling of a Fasid transaction? 565
4 What is the ruling of selling silkworms and bees? 611
5 Is the sale of dogs, cheetahs and beasts of prey permissible? 517
6 They agreed to the above times then agreed to drop that condition before that time arrived. Is the transaction correct? 498
7 Is it permissible to set the time of payment until the harvest, or the milling of the wheat, or the plucking of the fruits, or the return of the Hajjaj? 371
8 What is the ruling if the seller sets a condition that he will defer payment to the Persian feast of Nawruz or Mahrajan, or the fast of the Christians or the end of the fast of the Jews; and the seller accepts the condition? 462
9 What do you say about a man buying a cloth on condition that the seller cuts it and makes it into a shirt; or a sandal on condition that the seller puts in laces/straps. 396
10 Give some examples which make the transaction Fasid? 596
11 Does setting preconditions make the transaction Fasid? 493
12 Give some examples of Fasid [incorrect] transactions. 671