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1 Retaining the Deposit if the Transaction is Cancelled 674
2 Who Reserves the Right to Cancel an Invalid Transaction? 787
3 Selling Upper storeys of a Building 771
4 Charging a Penalty for Defaulting in Payment 744
5 Failure to Fix the Period of Credit 769
6 One Sided Cancellation 723
7 Selling Bones 732
8 For an Agent to Charge his Company Extra 730
9 Selling Brushes made of Pig hairs 776
10 Buying s Tractor on Interest 767
11 Selling a Property to Someone who Uses it for a Liquor Store 575
12 Giving Interest Money as Zakaah 632
13 Tasting Something before Buying 646
14 Women Doing Business 744
15 Do Kuffar living under Muslim rule have to observe Islaamic financial regulations in terms of validity and incorrectness of transactions? 741
16 Is the seller obligated to sell his goods at the last offered price in an auction? 665
17 What is the ruling on auctions? 665
18 A man sold goods for immediate payment and then gave a set date for payment. What is the ruling? 695
19 If in these scenarios of the buyer paying more, the seller giving more or charging less, is the difference now part of the parties' rights? 702
20 What is the ruling if the seller discounts the price after conclusion of the transaction? 737
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