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1 Retaining the Deposit if the Transaction is Cancelled 376
2 Who Reserves the Right to Cancel an Invalid Transaction? 395
3 Selling Upper storeys of a Building 465
4 Charging a Penalty for Defaulting in Payment 416
5 Failure to Fix the Period of Credit 443
6 One Sided Cancellation 420
7 Selling Bones 405
8 For an Agent to Charge his Company Extra 437
9 Selling Brushes made of Pig hairs 448
10 Buying s Tractor on Interest 428
11 Selling a Property to Someone who Uses it for a Liquor Store 318
12 Giving Interest Money as Zakaah 339
13 Tasting Something before Buying 358
14 Women Doing Business 392
15 A man sold goods for immediate payment and then gave a set date for payment. What is the ruling? 451
16 If in these scenarios of the buyer paying more, the seller giving more or charging less, is the difference now part of the parties' rights? 451
17 What is the ruling if the seller discounts the price after conclusion of the transaction? 461
18 Can the price or the goods be Increased after the transaction is concluded? 413
19 A man sold a product and did not yet take possession of the price. May he deal in the money before taking possession? 398
20 Is it necessary for the buyer to measure or weigh the product again after taking possession? 420
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