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Riba [Usury]
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1 What is the ruling of a Muslim having a Riba dealing with a Harbi [Kafir of Darul Harb] in Darul Harb [land of hostile Kuffar]? 949
2 A man permitted his slave to trade. He then buys something from his slave in a Riba transaction. What is the ruling? 760
3 What do you say about exchanging wheat-bread for wheat or wheat-flour in different amounts? 736
4 A man exchanged vinegar made from reject dates with grape-vinegar in different amounts. What is the ruling? 700
5 Can camel-, cow, and goat-milk be exchanged for each other in different amounts? 691
6 Can two different kinds of meat be exchanged, one more than the other? 676
7 Is it permissible to exchange olives and olive oil; or sesame seeds for sesame oil? 839
8 What does Imaam Abu Hanifa RAH. say about exchanging an equal amount of dry dates for moist dates or grapes for raisins in the same way? 644
9 What so the other two Imams say? 730
10 What is the ruling of Imaam Abu Hanifa RAH. concerning exchanging meat for an animal? 654
11 Is it permissible to exchange wheat for its flour or cereal; or the cereal for the floor? 639
12 When must possession be taken? 598
13 How are categories defined as measured or weighed? 602
14 Are differing amounts allowed between good wheat exchanged for lower quality wheat? 628
15 Is there a narration from Rasulullaah SAW. on that? 657
16 What is trade Riba? 882
17 What is loan Riba? 884
18 What is Riba linguistically and in Shari'ah? 763