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Bay'us Sarf [Currency dealings]
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1 A Difference between the Cash Price and Credit Price 678
2 If he instead said, "Give me a small Dirham weighing a half Dirham except a Habbah and give me the rest in loose change" , is this permissible? 670
3 If he said, "Give me a half Dirham worth of loose currency and a half except for a Habbah?" 745
4 A man gives a money-exchanger a Dirham and says' "Give me a loose currency for the half Dirham and for the other half give me a half dirham except a Habbah [small bit]. Is the sale valid? 742
5 A man bought goods with a half Dirham worth of currency [e.g. coins].Is this permissible? 791
6 If he buys with accepted currency and the currency is no longer accepted by the time the seller takes possession, what is the ruling? 615
7 Can something be bought with accepted currency without specification? 775
8 A man bought goods with alloyed Dirham/Dinar. The people then stopped using those coins before the seller took possession of them. What is the ruling? 604
9 Can a gold Dinar or silver Dirham with alloy be exchanged for its same category in a different amount? 817
10 Is the exchange of 2 Dirham and a Dirham of wheat for one Dirham and two Dirham of wheat allowed? 748
11 If 11 Dirham were exchanged for 10 Dirham and Dinar, is this allowed? 709
12 2 Dirham and a Dinar were exchanged for 2 Dinar and Dirham. Is this allowed? 662
13 He sold a piece of ingot (pieces of raw silver) then became a partner in it (discovers that someone else has a right over part of it). Is there a choice in this scenario also? 587
14 What can the buyer do now? 651
15 A man sold a silver vessel for gold or silver. They separated and he only took part of the price. What is the ruling? 640
16 If they separated before taking possession? 641
17 If the buyer said, "Take this 50 for both?" 693
18 A man sold a sword decorated with silver for 100 Dirham and the decoration cost 50 silver Dirham. The buyer paid 50 Dirham to the price and the remainder was left as a debt. What is the ruling of the transaction? 580
19 A man sold gold for silver in number of units. What is the ruling? 612
20 Is it permissible to transact with the goods received in Sarf before taking possession? 700
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