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1 If the Salam was concluded on food from a specific town or fruit from a specific tree. Is this valid? 883
2 A man concluded Salam on a specific article. Is this valid? 889
3 Are there any other conditions for the Salam to be Valid? 952
4 A Salam sale was concluded. The seller then wished to transact with the payment received or the buyer wished to transact with the goods receivable. What is the ruling? 777
5 The seller hands the goods when the period had expired. When must the buyer pay? 822
6 Is Salam allowed in unbaked and baked bricks? 837
7 Is Salam allowed in jewels and brocade? 833
8 Is Salam allowed in cloth? 852
9 Is there a difference between Imaam Abu Hanifa RAH. and the other two Imams? 871
10 Are there conditions for this kind of sale? 840
11 List the categories in which Salam is allowed. 787
12 What is the general rule for Salam's permisslbility and impermissibility? 800
13 Are there transactions where immediate exchange of the goods is not needed? 799

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