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1 What is the ruling of joint hiring? 701
2 If the house is ruined; or the water of the area is cut off; or does not reach the water wheels, what is the ruling? 683
3 A man rents a house and then discovers a defect which makes living in it difficult. What can he do? 691
4 A man rents a house and someone usurps it from him. What is the status of the rent? 658
5 A man rented a house. He received control of it but never stayed there, what is the ruling? 710
6 A man rents a house for 10 Dirham for the year and does not mention the division of the rent on a monthly basis. Is this valid? 580
7 A man rents a house at a Dirham per every month. 806
8 What is the ruling on renting a shop, whereby the landlord says, "If you use it for selling perfume then it is a Dirham a month and if as a ironsmith then for 2 Dirham a month."? 607
9 A man rented a property and the landlord stipulated that a specific person whom he names may only stay in it. Can the man let someone else live there? 683
10 The land was rented for building or planting and the contract period has expired. How will the land be returned to the owner? 707
11 Can an open land be rented to build something on it, or plant a tree in it? 716
12 Can land be rented for farming? 788
13 Can the Mustajir [Hirer] do with it as he pleases? 713
14 What is the ruling of hiring animals and houses? 717

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