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1 A man hired a camel to carry a load and two people to Makkah. 667
2 If he reins in the animal or hit it and thereby injured it, what is his liability? 695
3 He hired an animal to ride and put someone at the back with him. The animal was injured, what is the liability? 626
4 He hired the animal to carry a certain weight of wheat and loaded it with more than that. The animal was injured. What is his liability? 633
5 A man hired an animal to carry a named type and weight of an item e.g. 5 Qafiz of wheat. Can he load 5 Qafiz of something else besides wheat on it? 712
6 A man hired an animal to ride and someone else mounted it. Is that allowed? 805
7 A man hired a camel to carry his provisions during a journey. As he travels he eats from that and the provisions decrease. Can he replenish the supplies for the camel to carry? 612
8 Is hiring animals for riding or carrying loads permissible? 693

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