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1 Are these devices not Makruh? 925
2 Are there other devices like this? 893
3 Are there situation where the right is forfeited? 828
4 The sale agreement was made upon a price, but then the buyer gave a cloth instead. What will the shafi’ pay? 830
5 Explain by means of an example. 895
6 A house is sold and there are several people with a right of pre-emption to it. How will the house be divided amongst them? 793
7 The partners in a property divided the property amongst themselves. Can the neighbour claim shuf’ah? 937
8 A man bought a house and the Shafi’ renounced his right. The buyer then returns the house on right of withdrawal/right of sight/defect. Is the Shafi’s right reinstated? 750
9 A man buys a rand with trees and fruit and cuts off the fruit. What will the Shafi, pay? 842
10 A man bought a land with the fruit-laden tree. The Shafi’ received his right. Does he take the land with or without the trees? 845
11 What must the Shafi' pay if the buyer destroyed the house and left the land vacant? 704
12 Through no human intervention, the house got destroyed or burnt or the trees of the gardens dried up. The court then rules in the Shafi's favour. How much must he pay? 564
13 The shafi' acquired a land though his right and then planted a tree/ built a building there. It then transpires that someone else has a right to the land. What can he do? 548
14 A man bought a land and built a building/ planted a tree on it. The judge then ruled the land for the Shafi'. What happens to the tree/building? 595
15 A man appoints an agent to buy a house for him. He bought a house. The Shafi' then demands the house. With who will his dispute be? 640
16 The Shafi' heard that a certain person was buying the house and hence renounced his right of pre-emption. He then learnt that someone else actualty bought it. Does he have a right again? 518
17 The shafi' heard that the house was sold for 1000Dirham and renounce his right. He then learnt that it was sold in Dinars worth 1000 Dirham. Is this deception? 548
18 A house was sold and the Shafi' told that it was sold for 1000 so he renounces his right. He then learns that it was sold for less than that or for wheat/barley worth 1000 or more. Does he still have the right of pre-emption? 509
19 A man buys a house with another property. What must the Shafi' pay? 624
20 A man buys a house with trade goods. What must the Shafi' pay? 631
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