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1 How does the partnership become void? 921
2 They divide the profits and terminate the partnership. They establish a second partnership and all or some of the assets are lost. Do they return the profits of the first business? 724
3 After the profits were shared, the entire assets or part of it was destroyed. What do they do? 852
4 What happens if 'the capital or the profit is destroyed? 895
5 The Mudarib and the capital-contributor have separated and there remain outstanding debts of the partnership. From whom will the debts be claimed? 850
6 What is the status of the transactions of the Mudarib if the capital-contributor has removed him? 923
7 If the Mudarib bought a male/female slave from the capital of the partnership can he let them get married? 826
8 Can the Mudarib sell on credit? 867
9 The value of the slaves increased after he bought them and a profit emerged. Can he free them from his share and owe the capital-contributor the balance? 800
10 Can the Mudarib buy a slave who will be freed in his possession? 859
11 If he did buy them, what is the ruling? 654
12 The Mudarib sees the father/son of the capital- contributor being sold as slaves in the market. Can he buy them? 710
13 How will the profits be shared in the above scenario if the second Mudarib was promised two-thirds of the total? 629
14 If the capital-contributor stipulates half of the profits for himself, "Half of what Allaah gives is for me," and the Mudarib offers the second Mudarib half of the total profits, how will the profits be shared? 778
15 How will the profit be divided amongst these three parties? 615
16 The capital-contributor gave the money to the Mudarib on condition that they would share the profits 50-50. He also permitted him to give the money to another party as Mudarabah. What is the ruling? 525
17 If the first Mudarib handed over the capital over to a second party without permission, is he liable for the amount? 606
18 Can the Mudarib hand the capital over to another person [second Mudarib]? 661
19 What is the ruling of the capital contributor stipulating a time period for the contract? 691
20 If the contract is correct, what may the worker do? 677
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