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1 What is the status of Muwaqqat *and Mut'ah * marriages? 1043
2 A man got another man or woman married without permission. What is the ruling? 841
3 A man gives another his sister or daughter in marriage on condition that he in turn gives his sister or daughter in exchange. What is the ruling? 732
4 What is the status of a marriage if the man married two women in a single ceremony but one of them was not permissible for him to marry? 774
5 Does the shari'ah set a limit for the amount of wives one may marry? 813
6 Can a man or woman in Ihram marry? 830
7 A Muslim married a lady-Zimmi. Two Zimmis were the witnesses. Is the marriage valid? 1003
8 Is the marriage contract valid if the witnesses are men who were punished with the Hudd for slander? 827
9 The offer was made with witnesses who are not adil [Just]. Is the marriage valid? 744
10 Are there other conditions besides offer and acceptance? 901
11 What is the ruling if the guardian says, "I have hired her to you I have lent her to you I have made her permissible for you"? 681
12 With which words is the marriage contracted? 758
13 How is marriage contracted? 815
14 Why have you stipulated "deliberately"? 663
15 What is Nikah in Shari'ah? 923

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