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1 What does the word and term mean? 1142
2 What is the ruling of safatij (Bills of Exchange) according to Fuqaha? 1071
3 If the debtor claims the transferred amount from the Muhtal, "I transferred to you an amount for you to take on behalf." The Muhtal denies this, "You transferred a debt you owed me." How will a decision be made? 848
4 If the Muhtal 'alayhi demands from the Muhil an amount equal to the amount transferred and the Muhil says, "I do not owe you anything. I transferred a debt you owed me," will his word be accepted? 877
5 What is the meaning of Tawa? How does it arise? 1174
6 Can the creditor then claim from the original debtor? 991
7 Is the consent of both parties a condition? 905
8 What is Hawalah? 2205

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