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1 Can the one who found him send him to learn a craft or hire out his services? 878
2 If someone gives a gift to the child, who must take possession of it? 880
3 A man found a child. He later wishes to get the child married on to transact is its wealth. May he do so? 872
4 Money was found tied to the child. To whom will it belong? 886
5 Slave claims that the child is his, will his word be accepted? 888
6 A man claims that the child is his slave. Will his word be accepted? 903
7 What is the ruling if the child was foud in a town of Zimmis; 0r a place of the christians or jews? 931
8 A child was found in a city or town of the Muslims. A Zimmi claims the child. Will the child's lineage be attributed to the Zimmi? 878
9 What if two men both claim that the child is theirs? 879
10 If someone claims that the child is his, will his word be accepted? 932
11 A man finds a child. Can another man take the child from him? 822
12 When the one who has discovered the child picks it up, who should bear its expenses? 751
13 What should someone do who finds an abandoned boy or a girl? 746

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