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2 A man declared a Waqf but stipulated the benefits/the trusteeship for himself. What is the ruling? 705
3 If a Waqf house is destroyed can tree rubble be shared amongst those entitled to the Waqf? 712
4 If a man made a house waqf for living, who will repair and maintain it? 725
5 What must the trustee do with the income of the Waqf? 691
6 What is the ruling of a water-source [e.g. well], hostel for travellers, hospice or graveyard? 686
7 When does the ownenship of the Waqif terminate over the land if he built a Masjid on it? 761
8 What is the ruling of selling, making an owner and dividing a Waqf? 699
9 What is the ruling of Waqf of Items which can be moved and transported? 788
10 What is the ruling of Waqf of land? 783
11 What is the ruling of jointly owned waqf? 734
12 Is there any condition for the correctness of the waqf according to our three Imams? 551
13 Does the Waqf beeome the property of the mawquf 'alayhi [one for whom the endowment has been made after] it leaves the property of the Waqif? 613
14 When is the ownership of the waqif over the endowment terminated? 592
15 Why has waqf been given recognition in shari’ah? 598
16 What is Waqf? 679

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