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1 What is the ruling of a guardian giving a child permission to trade? 738
2 What is the status of the confession of a Mazun slave to debts, usurpations and amanat when he has been incapacitated? 740
3 Is there another way the Mazun slave can be incapacitated? 757
4 Can the owner declare the slave to be incapacitated? 694
5 If the owner retains the goods until the slave pays? 707
6 What is the ruling if the owner sells something to his Mazun slave? 752
7 What is the ruling of the Mazun selling something to his owner? 760
8 What is the status of the owner setting his indebted Mazun slave free? 696
9 A Mazun slave incurs debts covering the value of his possessions and himself. Does his owner still possess what he owns? 716
10 A Mazun trades and incurs debts. Who is liable for them? 754
11 Can he give gifts and charity? 547
12 Can he make a Mukatab contnact with a slave he bought or free him for money? 555
13 If he has been given general permission can he marry? 543
14 What is the status of the Mazun confesses to debts, usurpation and Wadi'ah? 667
15 What is the ruling when the owner gives permission for a specifically defined transaction, e.g. to buy a robe for wearing/food for the family? 479
16 What is the status of the slave’s transactions when the owner has given him permission? 595
17 What is a Mazun? 731

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