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1 A man has established a claim on virgin land but does not inhabit it, and leaves it like that. Can the judge rule against him? 690
2 A man owns a canal which flows through the land of another man. Does he have Harim? 675
3 If the Tigris or Eupharates [i.e. a river] changes course, can the revealed land be claimed for cultivation? 723
4 What is the effect of granting a Harim to the one who dug a well? 646
5 If the well has a flowing spring in it, what is the Harim? 678
6 What is the extent of this Harim? 712
7 You have mentioned that if someone digs a well it counts as reviving the land. If someone digs the land then what does he acquire from the land? 626
8 Why have you stipulated the condition that the land be far from the city? 678
9 What is the meaning of cultivating the virgin land? 747
10 What is the ruling of a Zimmi cultivating the virgin land? 737
11 Is the permission of the Imam needed for that? 588
12 What is Mawat [virgin land]? How is its Ihya [revival/cultivation] made? 1250

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