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1 If one of the parties dies does the contract remain? 913
2 Who bears the expenses of harvesting, transport, grinding and sifting? 870
3 What will they do if the time period has expired but the crops are not yet ripe? 934
4 If the party which does not have the seeds refuses, what will be decided? 867
5 The owner of the seeds refused his labour after the agreement had been reached. Can he be forced upon it? 825
6 The Muzara'ah was Fasid, but the crops grew and the labourer worked on them. How will the crops be shared? 968
7 When the Muzara'ah is valid, how are the crops shared? 1069
8 And if they stipulated that whatever grows by the banks of the rivulet or stream belongs to a specified one of them? 1307
9 Two parties entered into a Muzara’ah agreement. They stipulated a set amount of Qafiz of the crop for one of them. What is the status of this Muzara'ah? 944
10 What conditions are required to validate the Muzara'ah in the three permissible types? 1337
11 What is the status of Muzara'ah according to our three Imams? 1275
12 What is Muzara'ah linguistically and in Shari'ah? 1174

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