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1 If someone borrowed land to build thereon or plant a tree, he has done so when the owner demands it back; what happens to the tree/building? 729
2 Can the lender demand the 'Ariyah back? 669
3 Who is liable for the expense of returning the 'Ariyah? 655
4 A man lent a horse and returned it to the master's stable. It then perished. What is the ruling? 645
5 Can Dirhams, Dinars, weighed goods and measured goods be lent as' Ariyah? 623
6 Can the lender borrow the 'Ariyah to a third party? 621
7 Can the borrower hire the'Ariyah to a third party? 670
8 What is the status of the 'Ariyah in the hands of the Musta'ir [borrower]? 679
9 With what words is it enacted? 641
10 What is its status in Shari'ah? 693
11 What is Ariyah? 963

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