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1 Who bears the expenses of returning the Wadi'ah? 1013
2 The Muda, returned the Wadi’ah to the owner’s house, not to the owner personaily. Is he liable if it perishes? 959
3 If a man gives a Wadi’ah to two men, can one of them give the entire trust to the other? 982
4 Two men leave a wadi’ah by one man. One of then comes and asks for his share. Must the Muda’ give it to him? 1030
5 If it needs to be transported and is inconvenient, can he still travel with it? 934
6 Can the Muda' travel with the Wadi’ah? 1006
7 The owner comes to collect the Wadi'ah and the Muda' denies that he left a Wadi’ah by him. What is his liability? 945
8 The Muda' transgressed with the Wadi'ah. He rode the animal/wore the clothing/used the slave or gave it to a third party as Wadi'ah. The transgression terminated and it returned to his hands. Is he still liable? 849
9 The owner came to collect the Wadi'ah. The Muda' refused to give despite being able to. It then perishes in his hands without any negligence. Is he liable? 866
10 If he spent part of it and then repaid that amount so that it became mixed and undistinguishable, is he liable for the entire or part amount? 924
11 What is the ruling of liability if the Muda' spent from the Wadi'ah? 767
12 What is the ruling of liability if the Wadi'ah became mixed with the wealth of the Muda' or the Muda' mixed it himself? 722
13 The owner comes to collect the Wadi'ah. For this purpose he hires someone to help him. Who pays this fee? 730
14 The owner instructed the Muda' not to give the wadi'ah to his wife. He gave it to her. or he instructed him, “Guard it in this room," he then guarded it in another room of the same house. The Wadi'ah perished. Is he liable? 566
15 Must the Muda'protect it himself? 747
16 What is the ruling of wadi'ah when in the possession of the Muda'[one who is entrusted with the Wadi,ah]? 724
17 What is Wadi'ah linguistically and in Shari'ah? 964

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