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1 Is 'Umra * and Ruqba * permissible according to our Three Imams? 1921
2 Can charity be reclaimed? 1074
3 Can a single item be given to two poor people in charity? 1027
4 Must a poor man take physical possession of charity to establish his ownership? 1017
5 The gift perishes and a third party emerges as the legitimate owner and holds the recipient liable. Can the recipient claim against the presenter? 1006
6 What are the conditions to validly take a gift back? 1037
7 If the claimant is entitled to half the item given in exchange. Can the presenter reclaim his gift? 995
8 The recipient gave something in exchange. It transpires that a third party is entitled to half the original gift. What can he claim? 1108
9 You mentioned that if the recipient gave something in exchange the gift cannot be taken back. Explain this exchange. 1116
10 Why have you stipulated a stranger? Can a gift not be taken from a relative? 1019
11 What is the ruling on taking a gift back? 784
12 A man was given a slave-girl except for her foetus. What is the status of this exception? 740
13 Is a gift valid if compensation is stipulated? 863
14 What is the ruling of one man gifting a house to two people; or two people gifting to one man? 785
15 Is the deal valid if the child collects it himself? 724
16 The mother caring for an orphan collected the gift. Is this permissible? 819
17 A stranger gives a gift to a child. How will the deal be completed? 732
18 You have mentioned that that taking possession is a condition of a valid gift. What happens if the intended recipient already has the gift with him? 773
19 If he grinds the wheat and then gives it? 760
20 A man gave the "flour" in the wheat as a gift; or "The oil in this sesame seeds is a gift to you." What is the ruling? 779
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