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1 A man is owed 1000 black Dirham. Can he settle for 500 white Dirham? 767
2 He is owed 1000 on credit. The debtor offers to compromise with 500 immediately. Is this allowed? 721
3 He is entitled to 1000 Dirham immediately. The debtor offers to Dinars after a month instead. 700
4 Is man is owed '1000 immediately. He compromises on 1000 debt, what is the ruling? 699
5 A man died leaving behind several heirs. The heirs made a settlement with one of them. They paid him and excluded him from the inheritance. Is this allowed? 612
6 Two partners sold something on terms of Salam. The one compromises with the other on his share of the item by paying him from the money received. Is this allowed? 680
7 What if one of them bought something with what he received from the debt? 840
8 Two partners have a debt against someone. one of the partners compromises on his share with a cloth. What can the other partner do? 764
9 If a man compromised on behalf of another without his authorisation, who is liable for payment? 894
10 The man appointed an agent to compromise on his behalf. Is it the agent's duty to present the amount compromised on? 943
11 A man claims another as his slave. The defendant pays him as a compromise. What is the ruling? 744
12 A woman claims a man is her husband. He denies it and pays her as a compromise to leave him alone. Is this valid? 660
13 A man claims that a woman is his wife. She denies it and pays his as a compromise to leave her. Is this valid? 624
14 Can compromise be made on a claim to wealth, a benefit, deliberate violations, mistakes [jinayatul 'amad wal khata] and penal punishments? 631
15 A man claimed a right in a house but did not specify the right. The defendant gave him a substitute as compromise on the claim. Someone then claims part of the house. Will the original plaintiff return what the defendant gave him? 572
16 The defendant gave up in a compromise of silence or denial. It is discovered that a third party is entitled to the disputed item. What does the plaintiff do? 659
17 If the compromise is with confession, can the defendant demand his share which he is entitled to under the compromise? 639
18 What is the ruling of pre-emption if they compromised with a house or about a house? 681
19 What is the ruling of Sulh with denial or silence? 635
20 What is the ruling of sulh with confession? 687
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