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Mahr [Dowry]
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1 Is a Licentious Wife deserving of her Dowry? 378
2 Waiving the Dowry after the Wife's death 363
3 Writing Property over to the Wife in Exchange for her Dowry 355
4 Dowry when Death or Divorce takes place before Consummation 374
5 The Majbub [amputated penis] was alone with the woman and then divorced her. What Mahr does he owe her? 952
6 What is the status of her 'iddah after such a separation, and attribution of lineage if she gives birth to his child? 504
7 The marriage was Fasid and the court separated the couple. What is the status of giving the dowry? 481
8 The guardian takes liability for the woman's dowry. Is this valid? 486
9 What is the ruling if a slave marries a free woman with his owner's permission in exchange for serving her for a year? 402
10 A man marries a free woman in exchange for serving her for a year or teaching her the Quraan. Is this valid? 455
11 They married and no Mahr was stipulated. Thereafter they both agreed on a Mahr. What is she entitled to? 403
12 He married her for an unspecified cloth. What must he pay? 413
13 He marries her for an unspecified animal.* Is that correct? 378
14 A man marries a woman for 1000 Dirham and on condition that he will not take her out of the city, not marry another woman while they are married' What is the ruling? 252
15 A woman got married for a stipulated Mahr. He then Increases on it or she reduces it. What is the ruling? 363
16 A Muslim woman accepted wine and pig as dowry. What is the ruling? 402
17 A Mahr was stipulated and then he divorced her. Is the entire amount Waiib? 402
18 What is the ruling if he marries her on condition that she will not receive any dowry? 379
19 If a Mahr was not named, and the offer and acceptance took place in the presence of witnesses, is the marriage valid? 377
20 What are the minimum and maximum amounts of Mahr? 634
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