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1 A slave marries a woman with the permission of his owner. Who can divorce her? 873
2 What is the status of the divorce of a mute? 827
3 What is the status of the divorce of a drunken man and one forced to give divorce? 876
4 Does the divorce of every husband take effect? 895
5 A man wishes to divorce his pregnant wife according to the Sunnah method.How will he separate the three divorces? 903
6 Can one divorce one's wife who does not undergo menses whereby there is no gap of time between the divorce and having had sex with her? 905
7 He intends divorcing her according to the Sunnah, but she does not undergo menses. What should he do? 918
8 A man intends divorcing a Madkhul biha thrice according to the Sunnah. How is it done? 897
9 What is the status of divorcing her when she is pregnant? 901
10 Does divorce occur when given during menses? 1035
11 What is the status of Talaqul Bid'ah? 947
12 Are there different kinds of divorce? 900
13 If a man marries a woman and they are not compatible, what should he do? 774

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