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1 She made Ghusl but forgot an organ or the water did not reach there. Can he take her back? 965
2 The bleeding of the third menstruation of the divorcee has stopped. Does this mean that she cannot be taken back? 928
3 A man marries a slave-girl and divorces her Raj'i. After the 'lddah he says to her, "I took you back during the 'Iddah." Her owner verifies him but she denies it. Whose word will be taken? 861
4 He says, "I take you back." She replies, 'The 'Iddah is finished." is the Raj'ah valid? 947
5 He gave her a Raj'i divorce. After the 'Iddah he claims, "I took you back during the 'Iddah." What is the ruling? 927
6 Is it Wajib for him to establish witnesses to him taking her back? 950
7 How does he take her back? 900
8 You have mentioned that if a man gives a woman one on two Raj'i divorce he may take her back during the 'Iddah. Is the consent of the woman required for this? 764

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