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1 Does he owe her Mahr? 619
2 A man gave his wife a Bain divorce. He then marries her during her Iddah. He again divorces her without having sex. Does she begin the Iddah anew? 527
3 How do they overlap? 629
4 A woman was spending her Iddah of divorce when a man mistook her and had sex with her. Does her Iddah begin anew? 558
5 A woman's husband gave her divorce or died. She did not know of the divorce or death until the time of the Iddah had already passed. What is the ruling? 426
6 When does the Iddah begin? 604
7 A boy's guardian married him to a woman. He dies and she is pregnant. What Iddah does she spend? 522
8 An Ummul Walad slave-girl's owner died or freed her. Is there an Iddah? 550
9 A man mistook a woman and had sex with her. He dies or the judge separates them. Is there an Iddah? 564
10 A man married a woman in a Fasid marriage* and had sex with her. The judge then separates them or the husband dies. What Iddah does she spend? 794
11 A woman no longer has menstruation. Her husband divorces her and she spends her Iddah according to months. She then sees menstrual blood. What should she do? 349
12 A slave-girl is freed whilst spending the Iddah of Bain or Mughallazh or death. How will she fulfil it now? 521
13 A man divorced his wife a Raj'i divorce. The owner frees her before the end of her Iddah. Which Iddah will she spend? 490
14 How does that benefit her? 502
15 What is meant by whichever is longer? 506
16 A man divorces his wife on his death-bed. He then dies during her 'Iddah. Which 'Iddah will she have to spend? 531
17 If a man divorces his wife whiles she is menstruating, does that menstrual period count as one of the three periods? 464
18 You mentioned a freewoman. Is there a difference in the ruling of a slave? 484
19 Explain the details of the above. 586
20 What is 'Iddah? Why is it called that? 1190

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