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1 If a man sets half his slave free as Kaffarah of Zhihar and later sets'the other half free, is the Kaffarah fulfilled? 823
2 A man and his partner own a slave. He frees his half as Kaffarah and accepts liability for the partner's half. The partner then sets his half free. Has the Kaffarah been fulfilled? 662
3 He bought his father or his son and intended thereby that they would be free and his Kaffarah paid. Does that suffice his Kaffarah? 638
4 And if he freed a Mukatab who did not pay anything? 731
5 And if he frees a Mudabbar, or Ummul Walad, or a Mukatab who had already made a partial payment? 719
6 Will his Kaffarah be made if he sets free an insane slave with no sense? 758
7 Can he free a deaf slave? 715
8 A man wishes to free a slave as Kaffarah of zhihar. What kind Zhihar? Of slave will suffice? 775

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