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1 He gave her enough to last her a year. One of them dies before the amount is finished. Will it be claimed from her? 699
2 The court has ordered a maintanance amount for her Months pass and he does not pay and he dies. What is the status of that outstanding amount? 628
3 For some time he does not spend on her. She then demands the amount she spent on herself. Must he pay it? 670
4 The judge ruled that he must spend on her according to a poor man. He later becomes rich and she claims the maintenance of the rich. Must he fulfil the maintenance of the rich to her? 496
5 A man is unable to pay for his wife's maintenance. Will they be separated? 702
6 A woman had a servant in her father’s house before marrying. Is it the duty of the husband to pay for a servant for her? 783
7 Explain che Masail of maintenance of wives. 763

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