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1 Can the Mukatab get a slave-girl he bought married? 1113
2 What is the ruling if the Mukatab makes Kitabah with the bought slave? 1120
3 If he instead gives this bought slave as a gift in exchange for compensation? 1090
4 A Mukatab bought a slave from the Kitabah money. He then frees the bought slave in exchange for money. Is that permissible? 1103
5 If she chose the Kitabah and the owner dies, will she still be freed on the basis of Tadbir? 1127
6 A man made Kitabah with his slave-girl then Tadbir. What is her status? 1105
7 What is the ruling if he makes Kitabah with his Mudabbar? 1212
8 He made Kitabah with his slave-girl and then impregnated her and she bore his child. What does she do? 1116
9 Can the owner make Kitabah with his Ummul Walad? 1053
10 If one of the heirs frees him, is his manumission valid? 1247
11 The owner made a Kitabah agreement and then died. Is the agreement nullified? 845
12 He made a Kitabah and then freed the Mukatab. What is the ruling? 873
13 He made a Kitabah of two slaves whereby each is liable for the other. Is this valid? 835
14 The owner makes a Kitabah with his two slaves for 1000 dirham. Is this correct? 917
15 The owner agreed to a Kitabah for an unspecified animal or cloth of unspecified type.What is the statrus of the Kitabah? 905
16 The Kitabah was for the value of the mukatab himself. What is the status of this agreement? 875
17 If the mukatab then pays the pig or wine will he be deemed free? 867
18 A Muslim man demanded pig or wine from his slave as Kitabah. What is the status of the agreement? 790
19 The Mukatab did not leave enough to fulfil the contract and left behind a child born during the Kitabah period. What is the status of the child? Does it remain upon the Kitabah? 686
20 What is the status of his children? 859
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