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Wala [Right of "clientship"]
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1 Two men established Wala. Can one of them change Wala to another man? 1209
2 Explain Walaul Mawalah and its regulation. 1235
3 The ex-owner dies. He leaves behind a son and sons of anothr son. The freed-slave then dies. Who takes the inheritance of the freed-slave? 1108
4 Do women acquire Walaul 'Itaqah? 1267
5 The ex-owner dies then the freed slave dies. The ex- owner has children. Who in inherits the slave?s estate? 1127
6 What is the effect of this Wala? 1153
7 A man frees his slave and stipulates that he does not hold his Wala, but the Muslims in general hold it. Is this valid? 1144
8 A non-'Arab married a slave-girl whom an, Arab had freed. She then has children. What is the status of the children in terms of Wala? 1170
9 If she gave birth after more than six months since manumission, who has the Wala of the child? 1395
10 One man's slave married another?s slave-girl. Slave-girl's owner then frees her after the slave husband impregnated her. Who holds the child?s Wala? 1163
11 You have mentioned that if one holds one's Mahram relative then the relative is freed. Does the owner then hold Wala? 935
12 A man made Tadir with his male or female slave, or he made his slave -girl Ummul Walad. Who gold the Wala? 899
13 Explain the laws related to Walaul 'Itaqah. 887
14 What is Wala linguistically and in Shari'ah? 896