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1 A wall was leaning on a man’s house. Someone besides the house's owner requested the wall to be demolished. The wall's owner did not, and it fell, destroying life or property. Is he liable? 622
2 A Zimmi requested that he demolish it. Is his rights the same as a Muslim's in this? 829
3 A wall started leaning towards the road of the Muslims. The owner was requested to break and he did not. The wall then fell and killed someone or caused loss of wealth. Is the owner liable? 577
4 A man dug a well in his own property. Someone died because of it. Is the digger liable? 725
5 A man constructs a skylight or gutter along the road. It falls and kills a man. What is the ruling? 755
6 What is the ruling if an animal got killed? 734
7 A man dug a well in the pathway of the Muslims or placed a rock there. As a result a human got killed. What is the ruling? 748

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