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Hadd of Qazf [Slander]
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1 A Kafir slandered someone and received the hadd. He thereafter embraced Islaam. Can he testify? 668
2 Is there any additional punishment for the slanderer besides being lashed? 576
3 Is there Diyah if someone died will being Islaamically lashed for Hadd/ Ta’zir? 595
4 Is there Ta'zir or Hadd if he says, “O donkey/ pig,”? 597
5 If he says to a Muslim, “O Fasiq [open sinner]/ kafir/ Khabith [spiritually filthy],” is there Hadd? 671
6 A man slanders a slave, slave-girl or Kafir. Is there Hadd? 602
7 A man slanders his wife. They do Li'an at the court. The man then again slanders her. What is the ruling? 557
8 A man committed forbidden sex and the other party is not his possession. Another man slanders him about it. What is the ruling? 548
9 A man attributes the lineage of a man to the man's paternal uncle, or maternal uncle, or mother’s husband. Is that slander? 560
10 A man says to an 'Arab, "O Nabatean!" or what the Nabateans calls themself, "O son of Heavenly Water!" Will the Hadd be applied against him? 576
11 A slave has a free mother. His owner slanders his mother. Can the slave demand the penalty of slander against his owner? 435
12 A man slandered a Muhsan. Can the Muhsan’s Kafir son or slave son demand the Hadd? 452
13 A man says to another, "o son of adultery i.e. Bastard." The second man's mother is deceased and she was Muhsan. What is the ruling? 423
14 A man says to another, “You do not belong to your father." Is that slander? 413
15 What is the ruling if someone confesses to slander and then recants? 406
16 What are the requisites for Ihsan in this case? 423
17 What is the ruling if the slanderer is a slave? 462
18 What is the punishment of the slanderer? 516
19 What is Hadd of Qazf? 1601