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1 A man stole an item and his hand was cut for it. He returned the item to the owner and then stole it again. What is the ruling? 801
2 You mentioned that there is no cutting of hands for stealing wood. Which wood did you refer to? 895
3 In which circumstances will a thief’s hand not be cut? 909
4 What is the ruling if someone stole something from the Masjid? 908
5 If he pierced the wall and entered his hand inside whilst remaining outside, and took something, will his hand be cut? 921
6 A man broke the wall of a house. He loaded loot onto his donkey and led it out. Will his hand be cut? 834
7 If he threw the goods outside and then picked it up, will his hand be cut? 719
8 A man broke the wall of a house. He stole goods and passed it onto his accomplice outside. Will their hands be cut? 696
9 A thief enters his hand in the money-box or in someone's pocket. Will his hand be cut? 740
10 A group entered a Hirz with the intention of stealing. Some of them were appointed to do the actual stealing whilst the rest did not. Will all of their hands be cut? 602
11 What is deemed Hirz in this law? 1790
12 A group committed the theft. Will all their hands be cut? 768
13 Besides having his hand cut, is the thief liable for the stolen amount? 731
14 Must the one who was robbed be present at the cutting? 640
15 How is theft established? 712
16 A man stole at least 10 Dirham from a demarcated area. He left hand is lame or amputated, or his left leg has been cut off from before. Will the judge rule that his hand still be cut? 523
17 And if he steals a second time? 578
18 From where is the thief’s hand cut? 616
19 What punishment does the Shari'ah stipulate for the thief? 712
20 What is Sariqah linguistically and in Shari'ah? 1228