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1 What is the status of the Muhrim's Zabihah? 651
2 What is the status of the Zabihah of anyone besides Muslims and Kitabis? 641
3 What is the ruling of slaughtering and wild animal which has been tamed and a domestic animal which has gone wild? 658
4 If a sheep is slaughter and from the nape, can it be eaten? 557
5 A sheep, cow or camel was slaughtered. A dead foetus was found in its belly. What is the status of the foetus? 617
6 Is it stipulated that slaughter can only be done with a knife? 531
7 What is the status of the Zabihah if the slaughterer omitted Allaah's Name? 580
8 Which vessels must be slit at the time of slaughter? 642
9 What is slaughter? What are the conditions for the Zabihah [slaughtered animal] to be Halal for Muslims? 591

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