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1 Two men each bought a sheep for Udhiyah. There was a mix up and each slaughtered the other's sheep. Have their Udhiyah been fulfilled? 657
2 What is the ruling if someone ordered a Kitabi to slaughter on his behalf? 704
3 Must one slaughter oneself or may one appoint an agent to slaughter? 685
4 What must be done with the hide of the Udhiyah? 665
5 Can the meat of the Udhiyah be eaten and stored? 693
6 Which animals can be slaughtered for Udhiyah? 672
7 Can the following animals be slaughtered for Udhiyah- hornless, castrated, mad and mangy animals? 858
8 What is the ruling if most of the tail and ear is intact?* 697
9 Which animals cannot be slaughtered for Udhiyah? 707
10 Can one slaughter during one of the two nights which fall between these days? 704
11 Can Udhiyah only be done on the Day of Nahr? 591
12 Are the people of villagers where there is no 'Id Salah allowed to slaughter immediately after true dawn? 502
13 If one of them slaughtered before the Salah, what should he do? 529
14 When the time of Udhiyah begin? 555
15 What must be slaughtered to fulfil this duty? 610
16 What is the status of Udhiyah in Islaam? 525

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