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1 What is the status of a judge's ruling concerning his parents, children and wives? 772
2 Can the judge appoint a deputy in his absence? 830
3 If the decision of one judge is taken to another, can he implement the decision? 781
4 Can sentence be passed on someone who is absent? 727
5 The ruler appointed a female as judge of a district. Is the appointment valid? 691
6 Can a father be imprisoned for the debts of his son? 654
7 Can a man be imprisoned for not paying his wife's maintenance? 702
8 Will his mere claim of being poor be accepted or will his condition be investigated? 743
9 Will the judge detain the mudda'a 'alayhi if found guilty? 845
10 Mention some of the characteristics the judge will adopt during his tenure. 636
11 When a judge is appointed, what does a judge do with those prisoners whom the previous judge had detained? 632
12 Is it permissible to join the judicial system? 612

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