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1 What is the status of buying weapons from the enemy? 878
2 Is it permissible to take women and copies of the Quraan with into enemy lands? 861
3 The may be Muslim prisoners or traders in the land of the Kuffar. If weapons such as arrows were to be used, we have no guarantee that they will not kill those Muslims. Should such weapons therefore not be used in such instances? Similarly what if the Kuf 785
4 Can the Muslim attack without offering them Islaam? 926
5 The Muslims set out for Jihad. They enter Darul Harb [the lands of hostile Kuffar] and besiege a city or fort. With what act should they commence? 802
6 You have mentioned two stages of the obligation of Jihad. Explain Jihad which is Fard ‘alal Kifayah. How is it implemented in every age? 1025
7 What is the ruling of Jihad in Shari'ah? 920
8 What is Siyar? 1989

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