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1 The Muslims wish to return to Darul Islaam. They have beasts which they cannot bring back with them. What should they do? 783
2 An individual or two entered Darul Harb without the ruler’s permission and conducted a raid. What is the status of the Fifth of their booty? 611
3 Allaah says, "Know that the booty you earn a fifth is for Allaah, the Rasul, his relatives, the orphans, the poor and the travellers." You have omitted the first three. Why is that? 629
4 How is the Fifth spent? 847
5 A slave, woman, child, madman or Zimmi participated in the Jihad. Do they receive shares? 788
6 Can the fighters use the booty whilst still in Darul Harb? 834
7 Can booty be sold in Darul Harb before distribution? 832
8 Can the booty be divided in Darul Harb? 802
9 Traders met up with the Muslim army to buy and sell in the camp. Do they receive booty? 728
10 And if he died after the booty reached Darul Islaam? 741
11 A man in the Muslim army died in Darul Harb before the booty could be taken to Darul Islaam. Does his estate receive his share? 620
12 A man entered enemy land on foot and bought a horse there. What share does he receive? 669
13 A man set out for battle on horse and entered enemy lands thus. His horse then perished. Does he receive the share of a horseman or infantryman? 556
14 If the booty has been collected, how will it be divided? 784
15 A land has been conquered by force. What will be done with its lands and people? 690

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