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1 Can a Menstruating Woman Recite Verses of the Qur'aan as Dhikr or as q Du'aa when in Arafaat? 1278
2 The Minimum Period of Menses 1219
3 A Girl Comes of Age while Memorising the Qur'aan 1156
4 A Second Objection 1168
5 Reply to an Objection Raised by the Sheikhul Hadith and Mufti of a Daarul Uloom concerning a Fatwa stated in Fataawaa Raheemiyyah 1101
6 What about a Woman whose Nifaas Habit Changes? 1160
7 When Nifaas stops after only ten or twenty days 1108
8 Counted when the Blood Keeps Appearing and then Disappearing? 1161
9 Bleeding less than Three days is termed Istihaadha 1250
10 Bathing after childbirth and Applying 'Pithi' 1178
11 The Menstrual Cycle started again after The Blood had Stopped 1422
12 Nifaas Stops Before Forty Days 2017
13 What are the laws of Istihadah? 2312
14 What is Istihadah? 15279
15 What is the ruling of a period of purity during Nifas? 2473
16 Is a woman in a state of Nifas when she has a miscarriage? 1901
17 Do the laws of Nifas apply when she gave birth the normal way but no blood flowed from the womb? 1533
18 If a woman has a Caesarean Section, do the laws of Nifas apply? 1677
19 When twins have been born from the same wombs from which does the period of Nifas begin? 1465
20 What law Applies to Nifaas? 1550
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