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1 The Miswaak Twig 1502
2 Slaughtering Animals as Sadaqah During times of Drought 1416
3 The Tasbeeh Faatimi 1478
4 Is if correct to Recite LAH TASAF or LAM TASAF? 1509
5 Posting a Copy of the Qur'aan 1459
6 The Du'aa after Reciting the Qur'aan 1472
7 Can a Sunni Muslim Teach a Shia Child? 1458
8 Abstaining from Thinking Ill of the Sahabah RADI. 1443
9 In the Urdu Tafseers of Sheikhul Hind Moulana Mahmoodul Hasan RAH. and Hadhrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi RAH. there is a marginal note stating the gist of the verse.... . It is stated in this note that according to a Hadith in Mishkaat reported by Hadhrat 1432
10 Will one be contradicting Tawakkul (trust in Allaah) by exercising caution when abstaining from certain foods with the belief that they may be harmful and eating other foods in the belief that they are beneficial? 1467
11 In what language was the Torah and Injeel revealed? 5917
12 Is it permissible to make du'aa while in the Sajdah posture after the Tahajjud salaah or any other time? Some say that it is permissible, while others maintain that it is Makrooh. Did Rasulullaah SAW. do this? 1384
13 People gather daily after the Isha salaah in our Masjid to complete a recitation of Surah Yaaseen. Is this not an act of Bid'ah? 1181
14 The people in our locality are particular about performing The six Rakaahs salaah after Maghrib on the night of Baraa'ah. The first two Rakaahs are for a long life, the second two to avert calamities and the third two to be saved from being dependent on o 1038
15 The people here believe that it is Haraam to get married during the month of Muharram since they regard the month to be one of mourning and grieving. Is this correct? 1555
16 What is meant by the Fardh, Waajib, Sunnah, Mustahab. Makrooh, Mubaah and Haraam? 35582
17 People regard the month of Dhul Qa'dah as an 'empty' month and to not have any marriages performed during this month because they regard it to be ill-fated. Is this correct? 6967
18 Is it permissible or not to use the words "Yaa Rasulullaah SAW. 1901
19 It is customary in many places here for the relatives and friends of the deceased to visit the deceased's house on the second and third days after the funeral. Some young girls even dress up and gather there to eat. The meals that need to be prepared are 1478
20 Concerning the fast on the day of Aashura, Rasulullaah SAW. stated that it causes forgiveness for the sins of the previous year. Does this refer to minor sins only or major sins as well? 1159
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