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21 If he loosens and takes off the bandage after the wound has healed, is the wiping on it still valid? 848
22 Is it a condition for wiping on the bandage that it be put on while in state of Taharah? 1203
23 Is there wiping on something besides the Khuff? 899
24 What is the ruling of wiping on socks? 882
25 Can one wipe on a sock worn over the Khuff? 908
26 You said that a resident can wipe for a day and night and a traveller for three days and nights. What do you say about a traveller who comes home or a resident who then travels? 620
27 If the period has expired or one or both Khuff have been removed, but otherwise nothing has nullified the Wudu, what should he do? 882
28 What will nullify this wiping? 903
29 What is the method of wiping the Khuff? 900
30 Is this amount in one Khuff or both? 924
31 Can a Khuff with holes be used? 909
32 Does the period of a day and night or three days and nights begin when wearing the Khuff or upon Hadath? 900
33 Is there a time limit to wiping? 1014
34 Is there a replacement for washing the feet in Wudu? 1070
35 When a man or a woman has been purified of al-Hadath al-Asghar by means of wudu, when does that Taharah terminate? 867
36 What are the Sunnahs of Wudu? 5956
37 What is the proof that it is Fard to wipe at least a quarter of the head? 1413
38 From where have you learnt that it is Fardh to wash the three organs and to wipe the head during Wudhu? 965
39 Are the elbows and ankles included in the washing? 935
40 List those organs which must be washed or wiped during wudu? 1000
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