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1 Some people place the diagram of the blessed sandal (of Rasulullaah SAW.) on their heads and then make du'aa saying, "O Allaah! Fulfill my need through the blessings of this blessed sandal." They then take the diagram off, wipe it over their faces and kis 845
2 Is it permissible to make du'aa using the Ambiyaa alayhissalaam. Or the Auliyaa as a mediums? Is it permissible to say in one's du'aa, "By the Haqq (right) of such a person" or "By the sacredness of such a person"? 889
3 Is it permissible to go to the tomb of a saint and to sit there to make du'aa using the saint as a medium? 1014
4 Non-Muslims treat eye-problems, smallpox, paralysis and practice exorcism by reciting certain incantations that oppose the belief of towheed. When suffering from any of these, is it permissible for a Muslim to consult such non-Muslims and have these incan 948

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