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1 The Ruling concerning Water from the Eyes 756
2 A Rare Situation That Nullifies Wudhu 609
3 Can wudhu be made from a Well when water from the Toilet Mixes with the well water? 595
4 Pointing the Index Finger to the Sky after Wudhu when Reciting the Kalimah Shahaadah 1119
5 The Manner of Making a proper Wudhu 792
6 Will Wudhu Break with Fluid Emerging from the Eye or Ear? 752
7 Can Masah be Made on Nylon Socks? 648
8 Wetting the Feet before Washing them 634
9 Will Fluid from the Eyes Nullify the Wudhu? 598
10 Will Wudhu be Nullified when Blood from beneath a Bandage seeps through? 697
11 Will Looking at or Touching the Satr of a Sick peson Nullify the Wudhu? 612
12 Will Wudhu be Nullified when Blood Emerges after an Injection? 708
13 Up to Where does the Face have to be Washed when a Person does not have Hair on his Forehead? 458
14 Wind did not Emerge from the Posterior but One doubts hearing the Sound 577
15 Does Madhi Nullify the Wudhu? 663
16 The Status of Wudhu and Ghusl When a Person has Fillings in the Teeth 1080
17 Using Anything other than a Miswaak when Making Wudhu 691
18 Greeting a Person Making Wudhu 696
19 If some other nullification arises besides their continuous ailment, is the Wudu nullified? 696
20 What should someone with continuous nose-bleed, or a wound which does not stop flowing, or continuous urine or passing of wind do? 672
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