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1 The Virtue of Engaging in Intercourse on Fridays 555
2 Ghusl be Necessary when One Discovers Stains on the clothing after waking up? 488
3 Will Ghusl be valid if the Hair is Dyed in Fashionable Colours? 424
4 Will Wudhu and Ghusl be Valid when the Hair is Dyed? 737
5 Will a Bath be Necessary for a Woman when a Finger is Inserted into her Vagina 523
6 Will a Bath be Necessary when Semen is Discharged after Masturbating? 523
7 Sleeping in the State of Janaabah 471
8 Can one upon whom Ghusl is Fard wipe his Khuff? 637
9 Are there preconditions to wipe? 662
10 Through what are al-Hadath al-Akbar and al-Hadath al-Asghar removed? 1170
11 Explain the rules regarding the two Hadaths? 673
12 Is there exemption for woman regarding moistening her hair in the Fard Ghusl? Or is it Wajib for her to tie her braids? 669
13 Is this method of Ghusl special for one upon whom Ghusl is Fard, or for all who perform Ghusl? 520
14 What is the Sunnah method of Ghusl? 750
15 What are the Fard requirements of Ghusl? 615
16 Are there occasion for Ghusl besides the Fard Ghusl in the Enlightened Shari'ah? 607
17 Is there Ghusl for emitting semen or wady? 645
18 What brings about al-Hadath al-Akbar? What makes Ghusl Wajib? 1259
19 What is al-Hadath al-Akbar? 1424