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1 A Ghayr Muqallid writes that the Four Madhashib are s Bid'ah According to Shah Wali'ullaah Muhaddith Dehlawi RAH. 924
2 Some Objections of the Ghayr Muqallidden and Responses to These 1001
3 Will the followers of a Madh'hab be labelled perpetrators of Bid'ah or not? 898
4 Following the Imaams, the Importance of Taqleed and the Consensus of the Ummah upon the Compulsion of following the Four Imaams 1015
5 Can an Impure Person recite the Qur'aan Without Bathing according to the Ghayr Muqallideen? 863
6 The people of Bid'ah claim that because Tasbeeh and recitation of the Qur'aan takes place in their customary functions, those who oppose them are actually opposed to Tasbeeh and Qur'aan and claiming the function to be a Bid'ah is actually classifying Tasb 931
7 Is the slaughtered animal of a Kaafir Halaal or not according to the Ghayr Muqallideen? 779

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